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Sant 'Agata de' Goti.

A short distance from the municipal Palazzo San Francesco, in the historic center, is the house where the B & B "La Terrazza del poeta" is located.

The name is a tribute from the current owner to his maternal grandfather, Michele Melenzio, who lived there until the early sixties, remembered for being a writer, poet and journalist and to whom the city library was dedicated.

The main rooms, with balconies, overlook the central via Perna; on the opposite side, at noon, from the terrace dominated by the bulk of the fourteenth-century church of San Francesco, you can enjoy a varied panorama, made up of roofs, gardens, bell towers, and green hills.

Integrated in the medieval town, it allows enthusiasts to grasp and experience the particular urban connotation of the ancient village in the various environments and outdoor spaces.

The B & B "La Terrazza del poeta" wants to be,

for the curious traveler or the attentive tourist

not just a place to stay overnight, but a "place of the heart" to remember and rediscover with pleasure.

Via Perna, 15 82019 S.Agata de 'Goti BN Cell. 3802829904
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